Web Development

Web Development

Web Development is the name for the process of creating a website initial design through to launch into the virtual world. Ideally Web development is carried out by a number of professionals At the same time, when the distribution is the most critical development site structure, content writing and design.
Website major steps in the development of the first stage in the development of websites is a site definition: what site? What he was promoted? What is its potential audience? What should appear on the site and what options we would like to make available to him? The more we have the sense to answer these questions in advance can shorten and streamline the process of developing the site.

After dealing with at least the vast majority of questions and we have a concept it is possible to build the site, you can contact a professional or a website development company. They will use the data we provide them to advance to the next stages. Here the work is divided into three directions: content, design and development.

  • Content: Writing good content is key to developing successful sites. The content will be based on site characterization and made the initial stage of market research and other sites in the area. It is also recommended to perform keyword research in the area of the site deals to write marketing content tailored Search Engine Optimization .
  • Design: If the content is the reason you stay on the site, design is the reason why entering the site in the first place. The design is essential to visitor’s first impression, so you should not compromise on it. As with content, design should be based on site characterization and marketing psychology relevant to the target audience. See more about web design .
  • Development: The development stage is the stage of building the site’s operating system and connect content and design. Although nowadays there are systems on site and content management systems that allow to build websites intuitively, this step requires knowledge of the language HTML aimed Each site has specific requirements.

Although there are professionals engaged in freelance web development and perform all three processes in parallel, it is advisable to contact an experienced company sells and operates in the field of various departments each process. This ensures that your website development process will be professional, quick and efficient.

J. Kings Technologies ltd., headquartered in Nairobi Kenya, was founded in 2014 by a team of internet professionals with the goal of designing and developing dynamic websites to meet the needs of an ever growing market. J. Kings Technologies employs over 120 professional project managers, programmers, designers and customer service personnel, all deeply committed to a high level of excellence, reliability and customer satisfaction.

In it important to understand that all of J. Kings’ websites are supplied with our proprietary built-in mechanism that vastly improves your sites ranking on Google™, thus giving you a competitive edge over your competition.

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