In today’s world, with the high level of technology, improved softwares and IT knowledge, businesses and institutional management needs to be digitized, for better results in the market.

We at Acme-Tech, understand that trend and that’s why we currently are offering you two system softwares as described below, to better your business and institutional management. These systems will help you have an easier time in managing your entity, as well as give your reports as you will at any time for accountability and evaluation. The system softwares works on real time and is easy to even interconnect your various branches using a single database.

The system softwares are up-to-date and will serve all your purposes satisfactorily.

Currently we are offering you two completely integrated systems. Their functionalities are all inclusive in their areas of operations. They are very stable and we have distributed them to many of our clients in the country without any complains so far. We guarantee you that you will like them…

School Management System

Acme Softwares

Stock and Sales Inventory System

Acme Softwares