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Print Design

Our line of design is prominent, innovative and especially clear. We create the Wow Factor, attracts the eye and creates excitement and curiosity. We create a unique business branding that is true, with our full support and provides you, the customers, with a box of marketing tools that will help you assimilate your brand in the right places.
Creative print design is a perfect way to show your customer the benefits of your product or service. A well-thought-out visual demonstration triggers an emotional response in your audience, and subconscious perception is for your benefit. There are no dribs and drabs in building a brand, your printed materials shouldn’t be overloaded with information. Images, fonts, content placement – everything is important.
Acme-Tech print designers will create a visual trap that will bring you customers and make you recognizable.

Business Cards.

How important is a business card for your brand?
The business card plays an important role in representing your business. It is small, contains little – but important details. The card is part of your business image and its role is to help create a good first impression and provide contact information. A design business card is an important ambassador of the business.

What we do


Business card design

Don’t you expect people to write down your email on their smartphone when meeting them at a conference? Definitely not. Nor they will keep a piece of paper with your contacts. A unique business card is another pair of shoes. They are both ways to exchange contacts and make an impression. And, moreover, to show your status.


Flyer design

Marketing and promotion could be hardly thought of without flyers. Their seeming simplicity and laconism are the result of hard work. Information about the company and its services should be compelling and crystal clear. Moreover, the overall appearance of the flyer design has to be outstanding not to be thrown in the trash bin. And we know how to make your customers keep and read them.


Brochure design

Brochures are more informative than business cards and flyers, and are used to:

Promote your product, services and offers: branded handouts can be of great use for letting people know about you, incorporating both text and images. You know why they are better than a PowerPoint presentation? The brochure will remain on the coffee table in your potential client’s office while the PowerPoint presentation will be shut and forgotten after reading.

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