Stock and Sales Inventory System Software – POS

Stock/Sales Inventory System Software has the following and much more:

~Item stock master with many parameters and options
~Cash, credit sales and debtors management
~Cash , credit purchases and creditors management
~Stock Management: Adjustments, Transfers, Repacking etc.
~Integrated real time book keeping
~Supports all popular barcodes and can print them
~Supports price lookup (PLU) codes (from weighing machines, price printers etc.)
~Supports fiscal and non fiscal receipts.
~Simple to use Point of Sale (POS) with fingertip navigation such that it can be used without a mouse.
~Item Prices includes: Purchase, retail, wholesale, stocking
~Stock Valuation: Average cost in real time
~Powerful Inbuilt Query Builders
~Reports: Standard, creditors, debtors and customizable

It can be used for large and small stores, warehouses and supermarkets.

The stock and sales inventory system is easy use and learn. It is real time and has perpetual inventory – that is stock balances are calculated as they are received, transferred or sold. It is integrated with G/L accounting at real time and financial reports can be produced at any time. It is suitable for small/large inventories. Acme-Tech is a real business partner.

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Stock and POS System

A Sample of General Features

A Sample Of Reports