Established in April 2014, Acme-Tech is an emerging Kenyan IT company offering ultimate IT Solutions. We are engaged in development and deployment of Point of Sale and School Management Software systems, web applications, Graphical works and Networking services. Acme-Tech has competent staff, most of whom are IT experts. The company has always striven to use cutting edge, open standards, and has been a pioneer in adopting web architecture and Java technology.

What we do



We Keep Your Website and Systems Up and Running

At Acme-Tech, we build you proper websites and software systems which are above standard, and in modern technology. The support team at Acme is always there for you to make sure you are up and running at all times. We give you support services whenever you are in need of the same.



Graphical Work and Networking Services.

Besides Web design & development, and Software solutions, at Acme-Tech we have a strong team that works on graphics, the best you will find. We also offer you networking services just where you are. We help you, your family, your company, your institution or organisation get connected. And it is simple, reach out to us.

Our Philosophy

Acme-Tech is now growing to become one of the best IT solution provider in the country and beyond. This is possible because we believe that real value lies in the relationship created between customer and provider, which is built on three deeply rooted value systems:

  • We put Employees First, empowering them to believe in everyday ideas that create immense value for our customers, making Acme-Tech the Kenya’s largest firm to embrace employees ideas.
  • Our fixation on Value Centricity is dedicated to delivering more value for our clients, putting their interests ahead of ours and delivering value that goes beyond the contract.
  • Our belief in Trust, Transparency and Flexibility drives us to step into our customers’ business reality, guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm.

While we pride our eye to detail in constructing robust contracts with clients, we realize that only a Relationship Beyond the Contract can capture what will change tomorrow.

The management’s role at Acme-Tech is to empower employees to believe in the power of ideas. Helping clients from all spheres of work through innovative technology solutions, Ideas are transforming global businesses – one relationship at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
Our websites and softwares are very first and secure.
Responsive Sites
Our websites are created in responsive templates to fit all devices properly.
Easy Knowledge Base
We have simplified our archives for you to easily understand.
Technical Tools & Applications
We have available technical tools and applications just for you.
Award Winning Support
We give you a listening ear whenever you are in need of our support.
Free Updates Lifetime
We avail updates for our software solutions to you free.